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But the Church that was founded by the Lord Jesus Christ, and received the Apostles, and continues to be preserved to this day only in the Orthodox, was not made by a human effort such as those of the West, and we can not add or remove in dialogues something from it.

Many have not yet grasped the dynamics of the New World Order that will be introduced into our minds and know exactly what they think, something systematic experiments for decades. Besides, it is obvious that there is no longer enough administrative oversight and it involves direct control of thought and opinion, as we know, thoughts are being done, and Hondas' global expectation wants to be sure he will never fall. the pseudo-religions that are the imagination of their founders and another Christ who is God Himself! The miracles of Christ do not stop, nor perceive them, even from those who are still alive, for example, the Great Divine of  HOLY LIGHT, which illuminates the canyons of the Pancyrus Temple of Resurrection, which are high in the temple, while the first minutes are not burned! "Do not pay attention to every heretic, deceiver, who tells you about, reincarnation, The devils use them for deception. What do we have the real world? = Our reality, making people an experienced organ of their own within the educators, the elite Lucifer, through thinking, some known bullshit on television. Promoting gay sex, promoting the planet all over the world through religion, through politics. understanding the truth? Anywhere in the world, listen only to unethical ... and melt their joy and struggle to legalize their ass.

The first step in killing a nation is to erase its memory. Destroy his books, his culture, his story. Then you can get someone to write new books, build a new education, devise a new story. It will not take long for this nation to start forgetting ... who it is and what it was. The rest of the world around him will forget it even faster. "

God will judge us with our faith and our actions
Humanity has a hostile desire to communicate with God. It is in our nature, because God has placed there. Satan will use all available means to lead people away from God. We should not make people believe that there is no god, it is precisely to get them not to believe in the Christian God. A simple way of doing this is through false religious experiences, such as "Reincarnation - Life in the Past". God will judge us with our faith and deeds
Lucifer, the Light! Strange and mysterious name to give to the Spirit of Darkness! Lucifer, the son of breakfast! Is he who brings the Light and with his brilliance unacceptable, encompasses weak, sensual or selfish souls? Do not doubt it! Tectonics from the first start, which is the first degree, are called to "enlighten" the Light! The average Mason constantly says that he "seeks the Light" and will spend his entire life "moving to the Light". People who have not studied this issue will assume that this "Light" is the revelation of the God of the Bible. This statement goes on to try to convince us that Masonry is Christian. , Albert Pike says Lucifer is the one who carries the Light of Freemasonry.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Those who lack the orthodox experience

Like Barlaam, the impressions of their wicked men were considered gods, those who lack the orthodox experience and education of theology suffer today. Saying, for example, the older Sofron (+1994), says that "when the saints arrive in the state of the theosis, they see the energy of God as Light, transform and see the glory of God." But it is easy to be fooled, and the first to be not Christians: "The light of God is uniform, while the devil is different; those who pass by Buddhism must repent completely, otherwise this eastern experience will leave something to their soul" (A13, 14). And he explains: "Buddhism has some truths, but it has a human truth that reaches to zero, that is, by concentration - meditation leads man to" no "from which we created, leads us to theology, to society with the Triune God "27 It is good to know where the truth is because it is unique, it is easy to learn and the envelopes that surround it are abundant. Large crowds of people are running to gain spiritual experiences when there is only a devastating imitation. Indeed, the hunger caused by the spirits of evil appear as angels of light or imitators of divine glory. Elder Sophronios had many real experiences of divine light but also other modern elders such as Elder Porphyry who also left us some unforgettable spiritual experiences: Many times with the grace of God I have entered another situation. Change or voice, my face came into an atmosphere of divine Light.


A Muslim in Egypt killed his wife and buried her with the two girls: one was a baby and the other 8 years. Girls buried alive! Then she was told the police that the girls had killed a uncle. After another 15 days, another member of their race died. His family decided to place his body in the tomb where the mother and the two girls were. When they opened the tomb for the funeral, the attendants could not believe their eyes and ears: they were found under the ground of the two girls LIVE! The amazing event spread like lightning across the country, and the father of the children prepared the death penalty. Of course, rain questions fell to the older child in order to enlighten them on how they survived. - A man wearing white robes shone like the sun, with bloody hands of wounds, come and give us food, it was the short answer. Still, this man woke up and my mom cared for my sister. of the ethnic Egyptian channel, interviewed and broadcast by the Muslim journalist: "This man can not be anything else than Jesus, because no one else does such things!" While Muslims accept that "ISA" (Jesus) did all this, but the plagues that show are actually crucified, as it is clear that Jesus lives. In addition, no one imagined was not relying on the words of the girl because neither she nor her sister could survive unless a miracle happened. Muslim leaders are facing a dead end, as neither the authenticity of the miracle can challenge or limit the extent of the one that has publicized the story. Let's not forget that Egypt is the center of media and education in the Middle East. "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" (John 14: 6) (from the Book of Professor George Krippa), nor the authenticity of the miracle can challenge or limit the extent of that which has publicized the story. Let's not forget that Egypt is the center of media and education in the Middle East. "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" (John 14: 6) (from the Book of Professor George Krippa), nor the authenticity of the miracle can challenge or limit the extent of that which has publicized the story. Let's not forget that Egypt is the center of media and education in the Middle East. "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life" (John 14: 6) (from the Book of Professor Giorgos Kripas)

REINCARNATION beliefs= tricks,of the devils.

We must not forget that Job's friends told him that he was wronged and punished, while misery was a test of his faith in God. Moreover, if Christ accepted the reincarnation, he would not heal the blind, but he would now let him repay the debt of the sins of the past of his life and the next that would be born in the best situation! Those of the Scriptures can not be called Christians to believe in Hindu beliefs ... Right to the reverie's moods to believe what they want. They can not, however, falsify the Bible to support their theory. The Bible in every part denies reincarnation. If this was the reincarnation, the rise of Elijah is not justified in the sky, since the organization has no value nor the appearance of the transformation, as perfect as it had to be lost in sulfur?  .o Moses, how did it occur? Has he reincarnated during the 1250 years since the death of  of Christ? People believe in the reincarnation by the tricks, the devils.Ένα άτομο που έχει ψευδαισθήσεις πιστεύει ότι είναι μια πραγματική εμπειρία. Μια δαιμονική ψευδαίσθηση με τη χρήση πληροφοριών από τη ζωή κάποιου άλλου πραγματικά μοιάζει. Η μετενσάρκωση είναι μια λογική εξήγηση για αυτές τις εμπειρίες, ψευδείς, αλλά λογικές. "Περιμένετε ένα λεπτό! Είπατε ότι αυτές οι τελευταίες εμπειρίες της ζωής δεν μπορούν να εξηγηθούν ως ψευδαισθήσεις!" Υπάρχουν διάφορα είδη ψευδαισθήσεων. Το ένα προέρχεται από τη χημεία του σώματος, την ασθένεια κλπ. Το άλλο προέρχεται από μια μεταβαλλόμενη κατάσταση συνείδησης που προέρχεται από πράγματα όπως: Υπόδειξη Γιόγκα - Αισθητική θρησκεία Τύποι διαλογισμού Βιοανάδραση Διάφορα φάρμακα Μερικοί τύποι ηλεκτρικής διέγερσης που εφαρμόζονται στον εγκέφαλο «Πηγαίνετε σε μια (ή όρος που χρησιμοποιείται από τον αμερικανικό στρατό για να περιγράψει την ίδια δραστηριότητα με τα μέσα ή τις πρακτικές διοχέτευσης). Η επικοινωνία με τους "πνευματικούς οδηγούς" (Medium) (όρος που χρησιμοποιείται από ερευνητές UFO) Τυπικές δραστηριότητες σε μια συνάντηση Τεχνικές "Οπτικοποίησης" Κάθε είδους δραστηριότητα που αποκρύπτει αποκαλύπτει πνεύματα που έρχονται σε επαφή, όπως πίνακες Ouija, ταρώ, αστρολογία, διαβουλεύσεις με ένα "μέσο". Γιατί ο Σατανάς αγωνίζεται να βρει ένα μεγάλο ψέμα για μετενσάρκωση; Η ανθρωπότητα έχει μια έμφυτη επιθυμία να επικοινωνήσει με τον Θεό, είναι στη φύση μας επειδή ο Θεός το έχει τοποθετήσει εκεί, ο Σατανάς θα χρησιμοποιήσει όλα τα διαθέσιμα μέσα για να οδηγήσει τους ανθρώπους μακριά από τον Θεό, δεν πρέπει να κάνουμε τους ανθρώπους να πιστεύουν ότι δεν υπάρχει Θεός , απλά πρέπει να τους οδηγήσει να μην πιστεύουν στο Θεό των Χριστιανών.Ένας απλός τρόπος για να γίνει αυτό είναι με ψεύτικες θρησκευτικές εμπειρίες όπως "Ας θυμηθούμε τον Ιώβ που οι φίλοι του του είπαν ότι αμάρτησε και τιμωρήθηκε, ενώ η δυστυχία ήταν δοκιμασία της πίστης του προς τον Θεό. Επιπλέον, εάν ο Χριστός αποδέχτηκε τη μετενσάρκωση, δεν θα θεραπεύσει τους τυφλούς, αλλά θα τον αφήσει έτσι ώστε να μπορεί να εξοφλήσει το χρέος των αμαρτιών της προηγούμενης ζωής του και την επόμενη γέννηση σε καλύτερη κατάσταση! Αυτά από τη Βίβλο δεν μπορούν να ονομαστούν χριστιανοί, και ταυτόχρονα πιστεύουν στις ινδουιστικές πεποιθήσεις ... Δικαίωμα των οπαδών της μετενσάρκωσης να πιστέψουν τι θέλουν. Ωστόσο, δεν τους επιτρέπεται να παραποιήσουν τη Βίβλο για να υποστηρίξουν τη θεωρία τους.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

The work of the devil Today

And the Devil, taking advantage of the revival of the times, and the indifference of the Christian for his spiritual salvation, is laboriously working to obliterate the work of the Orthodox Church. To this end, he attempts again to apply his pretentious and abhorrent plan, the scourge of the falsehood of the Churches. But which of the churches? The Symbol of Faith and History teach that the Church is "One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic," this is the Secret Body of the Lord, which is found only in the Orthodox Church.


Μεταξύ της τρέχουσας γενιάς των πολύ δημοφιλών ανατολικών «σοφών», των ινδικών γκουρού, των θιβετιανών λαμάδων, των ιαπωνικών δασκάλων του Zen κλπ. ... Η ουσία και ο σκοπός όλων αυτών των «πνευματικών» δικτύων και παγίδων είναι πάντα η ίδια: ο άνθρωπος από το να γνωρίζει τον αληθινό Θεό, να μετανοήσει, να ηρεμήσει και να μαλακώσει τη συνείδηση ​​χωρίς εξομολόγηση αμαρτιών, να αποκρύψει την πραγματική οδυνηρή θέση της ψυχής, να δημιουργήσει την ψευδαίσθηση μιας «πνευματικής» και σωματικής υγείας ... Όλες αυτές οι διδασκαλίες είναι πνευματική αναισθησία ... Οι ανατολικές θρησκείες εμπνέουν τον άρρωστο άνθρωπο να είναι υγιής, η αφύπνιση της πίστης στην τελειότητα και τη θεότητα, τρέφει υπερηφάνεια, με τη δράση των κακών πνευμάτων παρουσιάζει γενναιόδωρα την πιο έξοχη και ευχάριστη «πνευματική άνεση» το «όραμά» του, "εμπειρίες," ειρήνη ","ειρήνη "και" άπειρο ".

The letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians

Nowadays speaking in tongues,is demonic activity
To justify the use of languages, refer to the letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians above (CHS 12-14). But the apostle Paul wrote this passage precisely because "languages" had become a source of disorder in the Corinthian Church. And even when it does not forbid them, which permanently minimizes their significance. This quote, instead of encouraging any modern revival of "languages", must discourage, especially when it is discovered (as the Pentecosts admit) that there are other sources that speak in languages ​​other than the Holy Spirit! As Orthodox Christians we already know that languages ​​as a true gift of the Holy Spirit can not appear among those outside the Church of Christ

Yoga deception of Hinduism=And the rest of you=WHO BELIEVE in this shit

The real purpose of yoga has not begun to develop health, well-being, etc., but the zeroing of existence. True Yoga - applied to Hinduism where the birth is "a way to die"
 , when they pray, does not seek help from an outside God and all these people believe in reincarnation, the tricks of the demons = you can hear this from them, the regression of past lives when one is under hypnosis, You dont control your senses. Devils=do- And can show you, what ever they like to Show you to convince about their reality.More often  the devils play movies to  little children .... playing scenes during the night, and when the little baby wakes up, tell his parents before i had another father and fools parents fall into the trap

Friday, August 17, 2018

This is exactly what happens for a christian,when he dies

when we get Baptiste, we take an angel of God, with us, until we die, on the other hand the Angel of the dark, like the Angel of God, write our good deeds and evil deeds. That's why they have to confess to a priest before I die

Did the man come from the monkey?

If we isolate a human and a chimpanzee for 100 years and we will follow to see and control both, we will see in the case of man that it has improved in all areas. In case 2 of the monkey - we will see that the monkey is at the same level of consciousness, He does not have that thing that is given by God As the man has. We have an immortal soul given by God
The purpose of the rest of creation is to serve man. It is the gift of God to Man or Creation. And the rest of the creatures may not be immortal, but the Creation will not be lost; it will change: a new world and a new one = we will see after the Second Coming of the Lord.God wanted to honor in this way His particular creature, the man He created separately from the rest of creation. And not just created it separately, but according to His image and likeness!