Friday, August 17, 2018

Did the man come from the monkey?

If we isolate a human and a chimpanzee for 100 years and we will follow to see and control both, we will see in the case of man that it has improved in all areas. In case 2 of the monkey - we will see that the monkey is at the same level of consciousness, He does not have that thing that is given by God As the man has. We have an immortal soul given by God
The purpose of the rest of creation is to serve man. It is the gift of God to Man or Creation. And the rest of the creatures may not be immortal, but the Creation will not be lost; it will change: a new world and a new one = we will see after the Second Coming of the Lord.God wanted to honor in this way His particular creature, the man He created separately from the rest of creation. And not just created it separately, but according to His image and likeness!

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